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Mr. Avnish Nainawatee

Director, Actuarial & Investment
M&G Plc

Avnish is responsible for a wide range of support on actuarial & Quants work to the M&G plc. His Mumbai based team consists of 60+ members, and provides support to areas including valuation, model operation and development, capital production, asset modelling, credit analyst support, data production, etc.

Avnish is a Qualified Actuary with 12+ years’ experience in technical and managerial roles. He has worked across multiple functions including Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Asset Liability Management ,Capital Optimization and Quantitative Modelling.

He started his career with M&G Global in July 2006, and worked for 4.5 years including a role with Group Risk. After M&G plc, he worked primarily as an independent consultant in UK on projects with Phoenix Group, Wesleyan Assurance, Canada Life and Legal & General. He worked on Internal Model Validation, Risk Reporting, Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) implementation, SII reporting, Credit Risk Modelling, Matching Adjustment portfolio expansion, Asset restructuring (Mortgages, LTM and Properties) and asset valuation system development.