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Mr. Srinath Sridharan

Author. CEO Coach. Independent Director, Media Columnist

Author. CEO Coach. Family Business Transformation Advisor. Independent Director. Media Columnist. 

Strategic counsel for over 27 years, with leading corporates across diverse sectors including automobile, e-commerce, advertising and financial services. Independent Director across multiple sectors. 

Advises organisations on the intersection of finance, digital, emerging t dhnologies, ‘contextual-finance’, consumerism, Urban studies, GEMZ (Gig Economy, Millennials, gen Z) & ESG.

Coaches & mentors senior leaders. 

Active engagement across industry-growth policy conversations & public policy issues. 

Prolific media columnist across topics he works with. He is also the Editor and co-author of ‘Time for Bharat’ (book on public governance). 

Visiting Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation.