Chairperson Address

I very warmly welcome you all to the 23rd Global Conference of Actuaries (GCA) –‘Data, Disruptions and the Actuary’, from 12th February 2024 to 14th February 2024. This year we are meeting at The Westin Powai Lake in Mumbai.

The theme this year is very ambitious and aspirational. With the IRDAI’s and Govt. of India’s commitment to enable ‘Insurance for all’ by 2047, the coming years are expected to see new ideas, growth, new demands, and opening up of multiple new avenues As we are all aware - data is and will be the key driver and distinguisher in running a successful business. We Actuaries have strength not only in understanding and analyzing data, but also in translating it to be objectively used by business. I firmly believe that as a profession, this is our opportunity to not just enhance our professional growth, but also to contribute to the society at large. In this GCA, we are coming together as a group to create a vision and prepare ourselves for these exciting times.

At the same time, we are also looking at the GCA as an opportunity to increase our collaboration with our colleagues from the other professions in the industry; to interact, contribute, learn from each other and grow together. This year we have planned special sessions to encourage such collaborations.

Anurag Rastogi

Chairperson, GCA, Organising Group

Further, Institute of Actuaries of India aspires for rapid growth of the Profession and aims to significantly increase the number of Actuaries in India. I would encourage our student actuaries to actively participate in the discussions and make their invaluable contribution towards the profession’s growth.

Like every year, this year’s GCA will begin with awarding of certificates to new fellows, new associates and academic achievers and off course, a grand celebration of actuaries’ dance, music and dramatics talent during AGFA 2024 (Actuarial Gala Function and Awards) on 12th February 2023. The next two days will have interactions on technical issues, a special session for student actuaries and interesting discussions on some new and exciting themes.

I welcome all of you to mark your calendars and join us in making this conference a grand success. Looking forward to meeting you all in Mumbai.

Your suggestions on any aspect of GCA are welcome at